Dont Support Irresponsible Breeding

Responsible breeders will vaccinate their puppies at 6 weeks and they will only be adoptable at 8 or 9 weeks. Irresponsible breeders will try and save costs, and make more money from their puppies by not vaccinating them and sending them off to their new homes as soon as possible (at 6 weeks).

What this means for you as an owner is that you will be buying an unvaccinated puppy, with no defenses against terrible diseases like parvo (katgriep) and distemper virus. Even if you take the puppy to be vaccinated as soon as you take him/her home, it takes a week or two for an immunity to develop after a vaccination, leaving a susceptible ‘window’ period where a puppy can contract disease.

We have seen too many little puppies die of parvovirus because the breeders were too irresponsible to vaccinate them. Please, as an owner don’t fall into this trap.

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